Sunday, June 2, 2013

Friday, May 31, 2013

A few things on Friday --

+ We have been doing a whole lot of nothing this week. Lyric is going through a no sleep phase.. But let's be honest when isn't he? .. I've been having terrible, last all day headaches, and Hubs/dada has been working on recording a new worship cd! 

+ we've been eating LOTS of cold fruit this week.. The hot summer is to blame - watermelon, bananas galore, pineapple & oranges! Yum!! 

+ today I gave Lyric a cheese quesadilla for lunch, with fruit.. Go figure, and he smiled and "mmm'ed" with every bite. It was so cute. 

+ Lyr learned to wave and say "bye bye" recently.. But he doesn't ever do it at the right time. For instance at target I was holding him on my hip while I payed and grabbed my bags. The cashier told him bye, so I looked at him, waved to her and said "say bye bye" he proceeded to wait until we were the car to wave around and say "bye bye bye bye bye" hilarious. 

And the best part, some pictures.. Happy weekend!!! 



Wednesday, May 29, 2013

10 month must haves >>

Lyric is almost 11 months old, and these are a few things that got us through the last month. Notice that most everything is food. Kid eats like a piggy. If food is out, Lyric needs it. Everytime I go into the kitchen he immediatly follows, and sits at my feet just incase I want to eat something without sharing it with him, so thats fun. But alas --  10 month must haves.

1. Bananas >> This seems silly, because duh its just fruit.. But I swear he eats more bananas than anyone I know. At least one a day, but sometimes 2. Usually a banana with something else for breakfast, half for a snack, and the other half for another snack later. He just loves bananas.

2. ipad with fisherprice games >> lets be honest here, this is a controversial subject. Letting a baby play a game on an ipad (its educational, don't worry too much). But we do live in a generation that is very surrounded by technology.. if it works it works. If you don't want your baby doing it, then don't let them. For us, we see no harm in a little bit of time a day with these types of things.

3. yogurt melts >> any brand, any flavor. these are by FAR the most used item in our house. No joke. I keep a big mason jar filled with a few bags of these at a time for him. I carry that sucker EVERYWHERE with me. If we forget yogurt melts when we go out we IMMEDIATELY stop and buy some. He's hopelessly addicted. I've tried to make my own, but he isn't a fan of cold things - and they have to stay frozen.. so he just spits them out. I've also tried giving him just a container of yogurt, but it doesn't sit well on his stomach and he gets pukey.. So yogurt melts it is. We have like 5 unopened bags in our pantry.. at all times.

4. Target seasonal straw cups >> We don't have this cute elmo one, but these are the only sippy cups he will use.

5. Ritz Crackers >> I break these up into 4 pieces and give him 3-4 at one of his snack times. He loves them.

6.  Rubber Ducky >> Another silly one, but he carries a little baby rubber duck around with him all day. If he forgets it where he last was he immediately goes back to get it. It literally goes everywhere with him, and if we leave the house without it he immediatly goes searching for it when we get home. Its a new thing, but darn cute. Some kids have loveys, Lyric has a duck.

7. Safety First bath seat >> This seat has been a lifesaver. I don't know what it is about our tub but Lyric can't sit up in it without slipping. This seat lets him play in the tub safely.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Sleep --

How ironic is it that the thing my baby hates doing the most, is the thing that I love watching him do? I'm talking about SLEEP. As I type this I'm dealing with a certain little 10 month old who has his days and nights mixed up, I feel like the sleep deprived parent of a 2 day old newborn again this week. Lyric has always hated sleep, no matter what we do he just doesn't dig the sport. I on the other hand, would sleep the day away if I could. Why is it that babies can stay up all night, sleep 1-2 hours max and still wake up at the crack of dawn ready for the day? But when he does sleep, he does it so peacefully and I take a picture just about every darn time. Those who follow me on instagram probably think all I do is sit around and obsess over my sleeping little guy, but how can you resist the sweetness? So this whole completely random post so I don't feel bad about oversharing sleeping Lyric pictures. :)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

First HairCut //

I wanted really badly to wait until Lyric was 1, maybe even longer.. but his hair was just SO long and hard to keep out of his eyes. I probably should have just trimmed it a little bit myself and called it a day, but we decided to take him to a salon and get it done. I don't regret the decision one bit, he is one handsome little fella.. not that he wasn't before. But my goodness that haircut really aged him!!

 He was so good the whole time, he only got upset once and its because we kept trying to keep his hands underneath the gown.. Once we let him have them out and handed him a brand new comb to play with he was happy as can be. I love his new haircut, and he sure does look like a grown little boy now :)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Currently --

I LOVE seeing posts like these on other blogs, so I figured I would do one too. It's fun, and gives me ideas of what to read/watch/listen to all the time!! Enjoy.

WATCHING // I'm totally obsessed with every single WB show out there lately, but it seems like most of them just went off until next season.. so that's a bummer. Bones just went off air until next season as well. So I've been re-watching Grey's Anatomy one netflix. 

LISTENING TO // Worship music. Hillsong United, Selah, Meredith Andrews, Kari Jobe. You name it, I've had it in my ears this week. You just can't stay mad/angry/ungrateful when a good get down on your knees and praise, worship song is blaring.

READING // I'm undecided, I have like 5 books in my amazon cart and CAN'T decide for the life of me which one I want to read next. 

THINKING ABOUT // My little man. He is growing so much, and that is incredibly repetitive of me.. but this kiddo has made my life so much better. I'm so thankful for him, he's just awesome.

LOVING // my family. The three of us, we are just good together. We fit in with each other. We get each other. I just love it. 


Lyric is growing leaps and bounds, and I can't believe the little mister will be

a year old in less than two months. In the last few months he has learned so much. He is now crawling, pulling up on EVERYTHING, and falling down everywhere too. A typical boy trying to eat leaves when mom and dad aren't looking, or hey remember that one time I found him eating a green sticky note? Yeah, that. He is eating anything and everything, and lots of it. Totally obsessed with freeze dried yogurt. He's playing independently a lot these days, and I love it!! It lets me get things done, but it also makes me sad for the days where he just slept and slept in my arms all squishy and new.

He is a tiny little thing at around 18 pounds, and 30 inches. Long and lean. Still wearing mostly 6 months clothes, ocassionally some 9 months thrown in. 9 month pants are necessary, because like I said this kiddo is LONG. Our little basketball player. Our favorite thing to do is to ask him questions. We'll ask him where our eyes/lips/nose are, a lot of the times he gets it right and it makes us so proud!

We just love him so much, and I can't imagine him just getting bigger and bigger. I say this about every age, but we are just loving this time in our life right now with him! He understands us, and it seems like he learns something new each and every day.

I'll never forgot the first few days he was home, we were so in love.. but had no idea what we were doing. Now it seems like we've been doing this all along, we have our routine down, we know what works for us and Lyric, and we know how to handle just about every tantrum and madman freakout cranky episode that might happen. He's our baby, we get to teach him - we get to nurture him - we get to LOVE him. Did I mention how much we love him? ;)